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Do the images ever peel-off or fade?

No! Our process does not give you an image that is “under glass”, “between glass” or “on glass.” Your image actually becomes a part of the glass, allowing light to shine through, making it a permanent memory piece. We do not do etched glass, but instead, we bond the glass and the image of your personalized photo so that it is like it's a part of the glass.

Does my photo need to be high resolution?

Yes! File sizes are also important. The bigger kilobyte (or megabyte) size the better! If your original photo is blurry, it will look the same on glass. We cannot enhance low resolution images.

What file types do you accept?

We accept jpg, and psd. JPEG is preferred. If you have any other file type just give us a call.

How do I upload my photo for ordering?

Just send in an email with the attachment to We will look the image over to make sure that we can use it. Make sure to include in the email, your shipping address, what style of glass you want, if you need any font added, or artwork. We can send you a credit card invoice through square merchant services or you can send a check.

What if I’d like multiple copies in different styles?

If you’d like multiple copies of your personalized photo, just let us know in the email the sizes that you'd like, the quantity, and the shipping information.

Can I use a photo from my Facebook or other social media accounts?

These social websites actually lower the resolution (quality) of your photo as you upload them to their sites. The web optimized image generally will not be acceptable for a quality Crystal Image. Send the original file. Even if it's a cell phone picture. We will check it over for resolution.

What about pictures I take with my mobile phone?

In some cases, the resolution of these pictures aren't high enough. Some of the newer phones do have higher megapixel specs, but that in itself does not ensure that the file will be good enough. Also, when sending a picture from a phone, the file size and resolution may be altered. If you are sending a picture from a cell phone, if you have the option to send it as a large file, pick that option. You should make sure that when sending the picture from your phone to your PC, for example, that you keep the original file size and not make it smaller.

Head over to our Customer Service page for order related information. We are usually able to process your personalized photo gift order and send it from our office in Campbellsport, WI (an hour north of Milwaukee) in 2 weeks or less. We offer a variety of shipping options to get your order to you as fast as you'd like. Customer pays shipping