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Welcome to Crystal Images!

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We take your photo memories and make stunning personalized photo gifts of crystal glass. You won’t find a more beautiful or unique photo gift online anywhere! Our Photos on Glass are a piece of art for your home, office or stunning awards, custom designed by us, or by you.

Our Personalized Photo Gifts Have A Lifetime Warranty.

If any of our photo gifts break, for whatever reason, simply return a piece of it to us, or send us a photo of the damaged piece and we’ll replace it for half of its original price. There’s no safer way to order your photo gift online. We do not offer a refund on our personalized glass gifts. If there is an issue with the image, we will contact you prior to making the product.

Crystal Images uses a process to fuse photographic images permanently into glass that provide photo gifts that are striking! Crystal Images are designed to capture natural back light, enhancing the colors and vibrancy of each image. Our process is not "etched glass" but instead gives you a translucent piece of art where the image covers the entire piece of glass.

Photo gifts using our secret technology allow us to fuse your photo with a proprietary coating permanently into crystal glass. From digital image to final product, creating beautiful photo gifts is simple. Just email us at, and attach your image. We will check over the image and will call or email you if we have any questions. Please include your shipping address and any needed digital art work, or font that you might want done, such as facial retouching, things from the background removed, teeth whitening, body slimming, or putting the image into a black or portrait like background. Small edits are free and more time consuming edits will be quoted out before the work is done. If you want no digital artwork or edits at all, we will just size the image to appropriately fit to the ordered size and will get it made for you ASAP. Our personalized photo gifts are normally shipped in a 4 - 5 days, for orders that are your images and do not require a lot of digital art work, however we can let you know that when the order arrives. We will email you when the order is shipped.

Crystal Images come in various shapes and sizes of glass. Our process is not etched glass but instead creates a permanent bond so that your photo gifts will not fade, flake, or peel over time. Light passes through the image into the glass - making every picture a true piece of art that will capture all your favorite memories in glass.

A comment about Crystal Images from one of our customers - Gail Anderson in Oregon - "As the owner of a small business, I am always encouraged when I see another small business that performs with ethics and excellence and I will always try and speak out and share my experiences. I think your company is one of those lovely rare exceptions and I hope you will achieve great success. " We are confident that you will receive excellent customer service.

If you're ordering for the first time and have questions, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to help with the ordering process or call (920) 960-0847 or email you're ordering for the first time and have questions, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to help with the ordering process or call (920) 960-0847 or email

Your images and information are not shared or sold. Our client's privacy is respected.