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About Crystal Images, Now owned by Equine Design Photography

Crystal Images, was purchased in November of 2019 as an add on to Equine Design Photography. We are based out of Campbellsport, Wisconsin, an hour north of Milwaukee.

Tracy Trevorrow, a well-known equine photographer, started working at Risser Color service in 1983, working her way up to a management position in the proof department. Other than management, most of her time there was spent in color inspection, color balancing of machines, and working closely with Fiji and Kodak professionals in the area of color inspection, lab balance of printers and color analyzing machines, and trained many color inspectors at Risser. After 17 years of employment there, she went off on her own and started her photography business Equine Design Photography. Primarily, she targeted High School Seniors with horses, equestrians, horses and stallions for magazines, ponies and children, families, farm shoots, dogs and then many years of horse shows. For winter work she primarily worked in Ocala and then Wellington, Florida. She has had the pleasure of photographing many Olympians and equestrians from all over the world. Through the photography business, she ordered Crystal Images for her clients for many years. When the business came up for sale, the previous owner made her an offer to purchase and she decided that this would be a nice add on to Equine Design Photography.

Since Tracy is already a photographer, she has the ability to do color correction, editing photos that are sent in, digital art work, fonts and layouts, braces on teeth removed, slimming people as per request, remove things from backgrounds, turn the image into a portrait background, (such as a black background,) soften an image for a more dream like affect and so much more. Your ideas are welcomed. All artwork will be approved by you the customer before creating the glass piece.

Our product is made right here in our office, using a technology that is exclusive to our process. A Crystal Image is a photo that actually becomes a part of our specially-coated glass. It is not “on the glass,” “between the glass” or “under glass.” It is the glass, and our product has no need of framing! Our curved art pieces stand on their own, and the beveled and flat-edge glass have different styles of bases. No need to go out and spend more money to get the right frame to display your photo or portrait, just pick the base or curved glass option.

When the original owner discovered the technology to take a digital image and permanently infuse it into a piece of crystal glass, they thought it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen for displaying photography, and they quickly saw how many ways the technology could be used.

While the most obvious application is to use it for portrait photography, it is also being used for ornaments and light catchers, corporate recognition pieces, awards, and even in the funeral industry as a permanent remembrance of a memorial card.

In other words, our breathtaking crystal glass pieces can be used for whatever you can imagine for your digital image.

When attaching your image to us in an email, remember that the file needs to provide us with good resolution. In other words, it’s best if the image was captured using a good digital camera rather than a camera phone. (Camera phones are getting better all the time, but sometimes the resolution is not as good. The phone will often times compress the file when it gets sent to your computer. Or maybe you weren’t holding the phone still enough!) Generally, the file needs to be 300 dpi , preferably. We will check it out and let you now if it isn't something that we can work with before we create your art piece. No worries.

Our mission is to provide you with a very high quality product and be readily available to discuss your Crystal Image request by email or on the phone.

Feel free to email us at or call us at (920) 960-0847. We’re here to make Your Memories In Glass into a beautiful Crystal Image.